Star Wars Episode I: Racer launch trailer

After a recent and abrupt delay, Star Wars Episode I: Racer is actually out now, for real this time. This Nintendo 64 classic was announced for Switch earlier this year and was initially set to release on May 12. It was delayed due to the switch to working from home. However, the extra development time has now concluded and the game is available on the eShop.

Alongside release is a new trailer showing off a sizzle reel of Star Wars racing action. To be clear, this looks like a straight port of the original with updated control schemes and a higher resolution. Star Wars Episode I: Racer can now be played using motion controls on Switch and combined with portability makes for an enticing offer on Nintendo’s system.

Don’t expect the full remake treatment, as this release clearly isn’t that. However it looks like a smooth 60 FPS (outside of cutscenes) and the original graphics sure take us back. Splitscreen mode is also an option on Switch, another reminder of the Nintendo 64 era.

Star Wars Episode I: Racer is available now on Nintendo Switch and will set you back $15 on the eShop. Will you be jumping back into this Star Wars racing classic?


Ben Kerry
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