Star Wars Episode I: Racer launch trailer

Star Wars Episode I: Racer finally arrived on Switch recently after lots of waiting. The N64 classic racer is one of the best things to come out of The Phantom Menace. With the game now on Switch and PS4, a whole new generation of gamers can experience a host of classic tracks and pods from the Star Wars universe, this time without any disappointing accompanying trips to the theater. Part of any new game, especially back in the N64 era, involved testing every nook and cranny of the title to look for hidden secrets. One Redditor just found out that the Switch version of Star Wars Episode I: Racer is faithful to the original in terms of unintentional secret areas. Check out their video below.

An interesting glitch I found on Star Wars Racer back when I was a kid on the N64. I found that it can be replicated on the Switch version that was released today. It gives an awesome view that you were never meant to see. from NintendoSwitch

Explaining the glitch and his process for carrying it out in Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Redditor Kokiri_Emerald said the following:

I see several comments where people don’t understand what is happening in this glitch so I will clear it up.

It is on [Star Wars Episode I: Racer] stage Executioner. You go through several anti-gravity tunnels in the track. When exiting the first tunnel, you’ll be faced with a concrete tunnel. Don’t go through it. Instead, crash into the right corner of the fence and you should glitch through. I have also ramped over the top before.

This area that looks like the track in this video is in fact not the track at all. The track you would normally follow is on the other side of the large wall to the left. You were never meant to see this area of [Star Wars Episode I: Racer].

What do you think? Have you ever encountered this glitch? Do you think that you could pull this off yourself if you tried? Are you too busy just enjoying portable Star Wars Episode I: Racer to care about looking for out of bounds areas? Let us know in the comments!

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