Star Wars Episode I: Racer

Star Wars Episode I: Racer just came out last week, but it has already got an update out that gets a few quick fixes in. Downloading the update on Switch fixes some issues with motion controls, while PS4 players can now squash some bugs and glitches that had screwed up trophies. Check out the tweet below from Aspyr to see exactly what was said.

It’s a quick and simple update to make sure that all engines are running smoothly on this port of the classic Nintendo 64 racing game. Star Wars Episode I: Racer looks to mostly be a solid port thus far, even preserving beloved glitches from the Nintendo 64 original, so it’s nice to see Aspyr’s commitment to keeping the game in tip-top shape.

If this game was before your time, or if you just need a refresher, take a quick look at the launch trailer below.

Have you nabbed this port yet? What do you think? Have you encountered any other glitches during your experience? If no, and if you’re weighing getting Star Wars Episode I: Racer on Switch but aren’t quite sure if it’s worth your hard-earned dimes just yet, keep an eye out for our review in the next few days that will give you the low-down on the latest Star Wars port.


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