Starcraft: Ghost, was a spinoff of the popular space strategy battle game Starcraft, which is set in the 26th century and pits three species against each other fighting to survive.  The game was being developed by Nihilistic Software and under the direction of Blizzard entertainment.  It would be a third-person shooter with stealth and action elements set in a military style setting.  Starcraft: Ghost was announced for the GameCube. XBOX, and PS2 in 2002 but following development issues was put on indefinite hold in 2005 whilst Blizzard investigated the new generation of consoles.

Matthew Burger from Blizzard Entertainment was recently interviewed by a reporter from the official PlayStation magazine, who asked him about the status of Starcraft: Ghost….

\”It’s on hold.  It has never been cancelled.\”

For those Starcraft fans out there who had lost hope in being able to take a look at the Starcraft universe from a whole different perspective, this might be a big reason to get excited again.  So, pull up your space boots, grab your assault and sniper rifle, and don your thermal night vision goggles because this may be one one space age assault you\’ll want to take part in.

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