StarCrossed brings magical co-op action to Nintendo Switch this month

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Co-op magical action game StarCrossed will launch for Nintendo Switch on April 29. The game has been built from the ground up by developer Contigo Games to be fun for two players and packs in some distinct visuals to boot.

StarCrossed is an action arcade game that uses a magical girl aesthetic. It uses two-player co-op in every aspect, from the characters you’ll interact with to the game modes and levels that you’ll be working through. Players pick from one of the five magical girls in the cast, each with their own unique personality and their own corresponding special ability.

Through the course of each campaign, the relationship between the two chosen characters will develop. This ties in with how players will become better at the game the more they play, getting used to the controls and anticipating the action on screen. By the end the pair of characters will develop a bond, one that will help them defeat an ultimate evil that’s threatening the universe as we know it.

While the game features a story mode for pairs of players to work through, there’s also an arcade mode for those who might just want a quick game session. Given that many people are currently stuck indoors in lockdown at the moment, a new game centered around local co-op might be just what’s needed.


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