SteamDolls is a brutal, twisted Metroidvania set to release on Switch and other platforms pending a successful Kickstarter campaign. Featuring AAA voice talents like David Hayter and inspired by an all-star ensemble of titles such as Castlevania, Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, and BloodborneSteamDolls can be something really special if it makes peers of its idols. For a first look at the savvy steampunk adventure, check out the announcement trailer below, and for more, read a bit of the ensuing press release.

SteamDolls is a steampunk-inspired Metroidvania game with a grimy touch of brutality.

Blast your way to your objective or stick to the shadows and perform violent assassinations on unsuspecting guards as you struggle with the haunting apparitions of a mesmerizing witch trying to reveal the truth about a conspiracy that could shake the very foundation of the world.

Action, exploration, stealth, and blood.

Inspired by games like Castlevania and Hollow Knight. Nourished by the fury of Dead Cells and the gloom of Bloodborne. Lose yourself in a labyrinthine city, full of secrets and madness.

Key Features

  • 2D brutal fast paced Metroidvania in a steampunk universe.
  • Gruesome stealth kills.
  • A vast city to explore.
  • David Hayter (who voiced Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid) is the voice of The Whisper.
  • Hand-drawn cutscenes for the narrative parts.

Main Character

In SteamDolls, you assume the role of a cunning thief and anarchist known as “The Whisper” (voiced by David Hayter) and make your way through heavily secured environments.

Supporting Cast

You will encounter a flamboyant cast as you traverse the game.

  • A goddess of nature.
  • A rich immortal who wants to die.
  • A female gunslinger with deadly aim.
  • And others? Who’s to say…


From the standard hired henchman who will be easily dispatched to the dangerous and disgusting mutated monster by a bio-mechanical virus, you have all kind of adversaries and deformed bosses in SteamDolls.

Do you like what you see? I’m immediately skeptical of any title that comes out swinging by naming games like Dead Cells and Hollow Knight, but there is something to be said for shooting for the stars, especially when you’ve got a different kind of star in David Hayter. Let’s hope SteamDolls can hit the lofty goals that it set for itself.


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