Straight Right, the studio working on the Wii U port of Mass Effect 3 has been working on another top-secret Wii U game. It has now emerged that the game in question is a Square-Enix game, but which one? Lets take a look…


This information comes from LinkedIn…

Technical Project Manager

June 2012 – Present (5 months) Melbourne Area, Australia

Working for Straight Right on a short term contract, porting a triple-A Square Enix game to the yet-to-be-released Wii U platform.

Responsibilities included:

* Editing and completing Project Management documentation (TDD and Risk Analysis)
* Producing Project Plan documentation
* Task allocation and resource balancing
* Resource integration (as the team grew from 2 developers to 5 developers, one designer and one artist)
* Producing Weekly Progress Reports for stakeholders
* Compiling deliverables and deliverable documentation for a prototype
* Liaising with project sponsors
* Risk Management

Now, the first game which popped into my head was instantly Tomb Raider. It might not be that easy, Crystal Dynamics Global Brand Manager has denied the game is in the works for the Wii U before

“When we started developing the game we made a conscious decision that it was all about building the game for a platform and making sure the game was specific to that platform. Given that we’ve been working on the game quite a while before Wii U was announced I think it would not be right to try and port it across. If we started building a game for the Wii U we would build it very differently and we would build it with unique functionality.”

This was back in January this year so things may have changed. The team at Straight Right have been porting Mass Effect 3 with its additional functionality for just over seven months. It’s not out of the realms of possibility that Nintendo has convinced Square-Enix to bring the game accross.

Other possible candidates are Hitman: Absolution (due November 20th), Final Fantasy XIV (due Q1 2013), Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (due Q3 2013), Thief 4. The most likely being Hitman, which was rumoured back in June 2011 to be coming to the Wii U around launch. Our source has hinted there may be a couple Launch Window games from third-parties we have yet to hear about.

When will we hear about this mystery title? It sounds like a reveal could be soon…

So many secrets, each more secret than the next. Yeah look we do have a couple more games in development on Wii U, one of which will be announced shortly. We’ve made a big commitment to the platform and we’re really hoping it’s a great success. Tom Crago, Straight Right


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