Stranger Things Upside Down portals are leaking into Fortnite!

Stranger Things season 3 launches on Netflix tomorrow, July 4. (Puh-raaaaaise [deity of your choice].) That means Stranger Things 3: The Game will release for Nintendo Switch. But it turns out you don’t even need to wait that long to return to the Upside Down. Fortnite players have seemingly been finding portals to the Upside Down appearing in-game!

Appropriately, these portals are appearing at the Mega Mall in Fortnite. The reason it’s appropriate is that the big new emphasis in season 3 of Stranger Things is a mall. Furthermore, Fortnite has contained an ice cream parlor called Scoops Ahoy for a couple months, which is also the name of where character Steve Harrington will work in season 3. This is a pretty slick bit of coordination between Netflix and Epic Games.

Fortnite is no stranger (Aww, dang. I swear that wasn’t supposed to be a pun.) to crossovers. It has crossed over with Avengers twice. It has crossed over with John Wick. It has even crossed paths with Michael Jordan. Basically, if you have an interesting brand of some kind, Epic Games wants to put you in its video games. But now that Fortnite has welcomed the Upside Down, you can be sure some stranger things will be happening now. (Okay, that pun was obviously intentional.)


John Friscia
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