Untitled Goose Game Goose Controller outfit

Popular Twitch streamer Dylan Beck, also known as Rudeism, is known for the wacky way he plays games. A few years ago, he reached level 100 in World of Warcraft using a Dance Dance Revolution dance pad. He’s played Apex Legend with a controller made out of a prosthetic leg. And now, the gamer who “plays games wrong” (his words, not ours, as we think this is so, so right) has built himself a goose controller for Untitled Goose Game.

The goose controller features motion control for wing flapping, which is important for intimidating your enemies. Rudeism walks by waddling his swim flippers and controls direction with a thumbstick hidden in one of the wings. Walking is also important for intimidating your enemies. Perhaps the most intimidating thing of all, however, is the honk. The custom suit features a sound sensor, which is activated by the player honking.

There is some danger in becoming the goose, however. In making the goose controller, Rudeism got blood all over the beak. He is cheeky about the question of whose blood it is, however.

You can check out the full video at Twitch. The game starts around 23 minutes and 50 seconds in, so you may want to skip to that point. I enjoyed watching Rudeism strap himself into the goose controller, though, so definitely check out some of it.

What do you think of using an entire suit as a custom goose controller? Would it add to the immersion while playing Untitled Goose Game? Would it contribute to the rise in goose-related crime? Let us know!

Dominick Ashtear


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