Street Fighter V

Yesterday, a now-deleted tweet from EB Games Canada came out of nowhere and said that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition was destined for Switch. The tweet was pretty peculiar, mostly because we had not seen any prior hint from publishers or developers that the Sony-funded title would land on Nintendo’s platform. While many believed that EB Games had mistakenly leaked the port, Street Fighter series executive Yoshinori Ono recently said instead, in a rather tongue-in-cheek fashion, that such a port does not exist (thanks, Japanese Nintendo).

Assuming that this is not just damage control for a legitimate leak (which certainly could be the case), that makes EA Canada’s tweet even more confusing. How did a theoretical Switch version even enter the picture in the first place? For that reason, and because Sony has opened up to bringing their published games like MLB The Show and Horizon: Zero Dawn to other platforms, I am leaning towards believing this to be a legitimate accidental reveal of Street Fighter V for Switch. Regardless, though, EA Games Canada has joined in on the backtracking with an apology for anyone who they mistakenly hyped up.

Do you believe that this was all an honest case of mistaken platform identity, or do you think that EA Games Canada leaked a real thing, and that we’ll soon see Street Fighter V: Champion Edition revealed in a Direct or somewhere else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Andrew Rockett
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