Kenta Shinohara Animist stop motion video Street Fighter Sakura Ryu Red Bull can

Surely at some point in life, you’ve wondered what it would be like if Sakura Kasugano from the Street Fighter franchise pulverized a Red Bull can while Ryu watches on. No? Well, you’re about to realize how foolish you were for not wondering about that, because it looks awesome in action. Skilled stop-motion creator Kenta Shinohara, or “Animist,” has created a roughly 45-second clip about Street Fighter‘s Ryu and Sakura training with a can of Red Bull. Sakura destroys the can in mere seconds, whereas Ryu, watching on enviously, cannot muster that same ferocity.

The best part of the video is that Animist also released a short making-of video, showing (among other things) how it was possible for Sakura to dish out all those mid-air spinning kicks against the can. Basically, he used rigs to keep the objects suspended and then used a computer to erase the rigs from the final video. Nonetheless, even after watching the video, I’m still left with a sensation of, “How did he do that?!” The way the can crunches is perfect!

With stop motion, Animist has really instilled life and a wonderful sense of humor into these Street Fighter action figures, and I will never think of Sakura or Red Bull the same moving forward.


John Friscia
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