Streets of Rage 4

Tomorrow is the day Streets of Rage 4 blesses our Switch consoles. Fans of beat ’em ups are sure to have a blast with the game if previews are anything to go by. But what about gamers who prefer to have a physical cartridge in their hands? Limited Run Games had them covered with both a Regular and Classic Edition. Now, the preservationists have added a new option for players: the Collector’s Edition.

Streets of Rage 4 Collector’s Edition will cost you some serious dough

Take a look at Limited Run’s announcement of the behemoth, which will set you back $149.99 and will be available this Friday:

Holy mackerel! The metal Genesis cartridge! The statues of Blaze and Axel! And last but not least, the Chicken Stress Ball! I’ve died and gone to Bare Knuckle heaven.

Looks tempting, right? Well, if you want one of these bad boys, you need to know there will only be 1,500 units made for Switch. So you need to have a quick clicking finger during the two time periods mentioned above.

Thankfully, Limited Run is providing some assistance to anyone who already pre-ordered a different edition. If one manages to snag this beauty, the company will allow cancellations of any prior orders by utilizing its support page. Pretty sweet.

Enthusiasts, are you like me and need the Streets of Rage 4 Collector’s Edition badly? Let me know if I’ll be seeing you online trying to purchase greatness by leaving a comment below!

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