Pokémon Strictly Come Dancing Pikachu

Strictly Come Dancing is a UK dancing reality show that has been running for 15 years now and is the basis for American Dancing with the Stars. This week featured a series first, and maybe series last, as two contestants dressed up as Ash and Pikachu and danced the Paso Doble to the American Pokémon theme song. A bizarre combination of song and dance ensued, made doubly strange by the choice of outfits.

Paralympian Will Bayley dressed as Ash Ketchum while professional dancer Janette Manrara had the thankless task of donning Pikachu-themed makeup and dress. Beginning with a jarring CGI Poké Ball, followed by the weirdly intense look on Bayley’s face, the performance was incredibly strange from start to finish. While I can’t personally comment on the execution of the dance, the judges gave it 23 out of 40 possible points. By the end of the dance, both dancers were laughing together, so even if they didn’t win that night, they seemed to be genuinely proud.

The theme of this week’s Strictly Come Dancing was “Movie Week.” Rather than going with the more timely Detective Pikachu, the contestants apparently went more Mewtwo Strikes Back, though their costumes may look better than in the recent remake. This might not have been the Pokémon news I was hoping for this morning, but it was certainly more entertaining than that 24-hour livestream.


Cody Morris
Cody is a fan of the niche and super niche. He has a strong preference for JRPGs or anything with a grind in it. He spends his spare time wishing he was writing more.

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