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If there is one benefit to being a video game character, it’s that they can pull off some crazy gravity-defying stunts that even the most agile and athletic of humans can’t hope to easily replicate. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop us from trying! With Fire Emblem: Three Houses, some characters execute some pretty awesome stunts with their appropriately flashy attacks; of course, these include flips, spins, and special weapon moves among others. With that, leave it to none other than Joe Zieja and Omar Zaki to try and re-enact these same feats in real life!

Fear the Deer

Joe Zieja is a name that should be familiar with Fire Emblem fans; a triple-threat Air Force veteran, author, and voice actor, Zieja gained significant renown as the voice of Claude von Riegan, house leader of the Golden Deer in Three Houses. Claude is a role that Zieja quickly embraced online, going so far as to make tongue-in-cheek Golden Deer propaganda and calling for fans to create a ton of Golden Deer memes after the Black Eagles were found as the most popular house after the game’s launch.

As for Omar Zaki, he is a Los Angeles actor, parkour athlete, and stuntman! You can check out his YouTube channel right here and his Instagram @OmarZakiFreerunning for more of his athletic feats.

What did you think of these sick Fire Emblem stunts? Which one was your favorite to see performed in real life? Sound off in the comments below.

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