After years of games where every character rode around a board in a car the same number of spaces, the Mario Party series has finally returned to greatness. Nintendo Switch’s own Super Mario Party recently launched, and is already a success for the company.

Solid numbers

According to Nintendo’s financial results briefing, Super Mario Party has sold 1.5 million units worldwide since its launch at the beginning of October. The game has done extremely well compared to past entries in the series. Nintendo predicts the title will ride this momentum and continue to sell spectacularly during the holiday season. The Big N also surmises that Joy-Con sales will increase due to Super Mario Party‘s popularity, seeing as how you cannot play the game without them.

I’m glad to see the latest Mario Party title perform beyond expectations. I think the shortage of unique game boards hurts its replayability, but axing the moronic share-a-car was a good move. Now Mario Party’s competitive nature is in the spotlight again. Sure, hating your significant other and a handful of friends for a few hours is a terrible feeling, but it comes with the territory. As long as fun is had by all, that’s what really matters (and winning no matter what the cost).

Readers, what do you think of Super Mario Party‘s economic triumph? Do you believe the title is the go-to party game on the Switch? Let us know in the comment field below.

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