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Rabbit & Bear Studios has announced Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, a new RPG that bears a striking resemblance visually and gameplay-wise to Suikoden. That’s because Rabbit & Bear Studios is helmed by Suikoden I and II veteran scenario writer Yoshitaka Murayama, who is working with other series veterans Junko Kawano, Osamu Komuta, and Junichi Murakami. Per Gematsu, it’s the first time these four have worked together. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will head to Kickstarter on July 27 at noon ET asking for $500,000 for a PC release, followed by one stretch goal that will unlock PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Switch or “next-gen Switch” versions of the game.

Reminiscent of Suikoden, this game will include parties of six characters, and there are 100 total characters to find. Finding more characters helps you build up your “fortress town,” which essentially unlocks new capabilities and facilities in your town. A blacksmith and a chef are offered up as examples of what you can add to your fortress. Additionally, you can join guilds, which change the look of your fortress town and can offer different abilities.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes offers 2.5D gameplay with pixel characters and a camera that can move and rotate dynamically in battle. In general, the game aims to be “an ode to the classic Japanese RPG genre from the PlayStation era,” which is freakin’ awesome in my book. You can get a load of a very brief teaser of the game below.

The story sounds fairly Suikoden as well: The Galdean Empire is strong-arming its way into control of the continent of Allraan, and it’s doing so via a technology that allows it to amplify the power of “rune-lenses,” magical objects. Nowa, your typical protagonist from a small town, and Seign Kesling, an imperial officer, get pulled into a conflict involving the rune-lenses, and then shenanigans ensue.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is targeting a fall 2022 release date, but realistically, how often do games this early in development ever hit their first release window? That doesn’t matter though. All that matters is that Suikoden is back, albeit by another name. Check Gematsu for some additional small, blurry first screenshots.


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