Summer Games Done Quick 2020 will be an online-only event

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Summer Games Done Quick 2020 (SGDQ 2020) will be an online-only event, per announcement from Games Done Quick Twitter. The group cites the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as the core reason for making SGDQ into an exclusively online event.

Summer Games Done Quick is, as it sounds, the summer version of Awesome Games Done Quick. Speedrunners from around the world come together in (usually) a single location to speedrun their favorite games for charity. Each year, hundreds of thousands of viewers watch the event. It’s the highlight of the year for many people, even though there are usually a number of big events occurring around the same time, like E3.

While it’s always been possible for the event to be online-only, it’s more complicated technologically than hosting all the speedrunners in a single location. The streaming setup will need to be a lot more sophisticated than it is usually. Regardless of how complicated it will be to organize, the top priority is ensuring the safety of everyone within the speedrunning community and those who enjoy watching it.

Incidentally, GDQ already has some experience with this though. The organizers conducted Corona Relief Done Quick in April, an online-only event supporting coronavirus relief. It managed to raise over $400,000 despite being arranged quickly and occurring across only three days.

It’s still possible to submit a game and take part in Summer Games Done Quick 2020, or volunteer for the event. Just visit the event’s official site if you’re interested.


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