Super 64 adapter upscales your Nintendo 64 to 480p on modern TVs

Video games once lived in a world of colors. Colored cables, that is. Red, yellow, and white connectors dictated the quality of the sound and picture as you played. If something went fuzzy or sounded wrong, you had to go to twisting cables until the problem fixed itself. Nintendo 64 lived in this old world. However, the new EON Super 64 adapter attempts to bring Nintendo 64 into the modern world.

The Super 64 is very simply a lagless HDMI adapter for your Nintendo 64 that will plug into your modern TV. In the process, it promises to upscale games to 480p. It doesn’t magically make all of your games HD, but it’s the next best thing. And it’s definitely a big convenience by ditching the colored connectors! Check out the announcement video.

The Super 64 will further feature something called “Slick Mode” for your Nintendo 64 games:

“Slick Mode” enables retro fans to relive the triumphs of yesteryear with even smoother visuals, rounding out jagged edges for a sharper image that makes classics look better than ever. Through EON’s careful attention to detail, the Super 64 boasts the truest representation of color to create the most faithful N64 experience supplanting efforts of typical cable upgrades.

Sounds good to me — but wait for the price. The Super 64 will launch on July 22 for a hefty $149.99 USD and is available for preorder. This is the price of modern convenience, apparently. Let us know in the comments if you think this slick Nintendo 64 adapter is worth the price, especially if you have Banjo on the brain right now.


John Friscia
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