Super Bomberman R Online blows past 3 million downloads

Konami has announced that its 64-player battle royale Super Bomberman R Online has reached 3 million downloads worldwide. To celebrate the occasion, Konami will give out 500 in-game currency Bomber Coins to those who play by July 25. You can use the 500 Bomber Coins to purchase characters like the legendary hero Bomberman Old Snake Bomber of Planet Metal Gear. You can also use the Bomber Coins to buy various costumes and bomb skins.

Super Bomberman R Online blows past 3 million downloads

Super Bomberman R Online was originally available to download for the Google Stadia in September 2020. It arrived on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in May 2021. The game is a spinoff based on the main-series title Super Bomberman R, which was developed as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch in March 2017 and remained a timed exclusive until June 2018.

Unlike the main series counterpart, Super Bomberman R Online focuses on the battle royale gameplay. Battle 64 mode is the main mode that pits you against 63 other players. The battlefield is split between 16 areas and six rounds. The game also offers Standard mode, a classic mode that supports up to 16 players. You shouldn’t have trouble finding people to play with in Super Bomberman R Online though, with 3 million downloads and counting.

Super Bomberman R Online is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC via Steam.


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