Gets a new name and is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo

Today, Kitatus Studios lifted the lid on the new evolution of Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo’s ArmySuper Distro Horizons. Harnessing the power of Unreal Engine 4 and Unity, Super Distro Horizons seeks to create a unique blend of platformers taking inspiration from the Nintendo 64 & Sega Dreamcast eras. Specifically, the developer seeks to take inspiration from Banjo Kazooie & Super Mario 64 for the hubworlds and Sonic Adventure and Jet Set Radio for the video-game’s levels. In doing this, Kitatus Studios hopes to revive the popular style of 3D platformers which reigned during the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Originally developed in Unity, Super Distro for PC, Max, and Linus is made possible by Unreal Engine 4. Kitatus Studios felt that the Unreal Engine 4’s features made the transition completely worth it, with it’s \”amazing lighting features and powerful C++ source-code\”. As for the Wii U version of Super Distro, it will be using Unity to bring the Wii U version of Distro’s story to life, as well as support for older smartphone devices. Kitatus Studios did not give a clear reason for why the Wii U version isn\’t using Unreal Engine 4 but chances are that this is due to Epic Games\’ reluctance to optimize the engine for the Wii U. In order to use Unreal Engine 4 on Wii U, developers would have to manually port it over themselves, which would presumably be pricey for an indie developer.

Super Distro Horizons takes place in over 9 different dimensions and has players taking control of half-man half-cat Distro as he is challenged with bringing down Galaximo and his evil alien army. Players are to face many tough challenges on their quest and will meet many weird and wacky NPCs during their journey, as well as tackling Galaximo’s henchmen; DJ Dungbeetle, Dino and the infamous Boogie Man.

Kitatus Studios has launched an IndieGoGo to help raise funds for Super Distro and make it the best it can possibly be. As it stands, development is set to finish with or without IndieGoGo funding, but in an attempt to be able to afford marketing as well as make sure all the code is as tight as possible as well as being able to add more content to Super Distro, Kitatus Studios have asked for fans help over on IndieGoGo.


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