Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission battle gameplay trailer

I don’t watch much anime, but I’ve watched the subs for every episode of Dragon Ball Super and I am weirdly excited to play Dragon Ball as a three-dimensional card game. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission has a new gameplay trailer that has gotten me extra hyped all while actually teaching me how to play the game. Catch it for yourself below.

Among other things, the trailer discusses how certain characters complement each other especially well, allowing for special team attacks. Cards can be equipped with accessories to make them even more potent. On the battlefield, the physical placement of cards has strategic value: Place heroes farther up to deal more damage, or pull them back to preserve stamina. Also, timing-based button presses can enhance damage dealt at certain intervals.

Another cool thing is the presence of a full-fledged single player campaign (which I’m sure will have a great story *cough*). Alternatively, there is an arcade mode for reliving classic series bouts. And of course, both local and online multiplayer are available.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission comes out on April 5 for Nintendo Switch. Will you be picking it up? Between this and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, my inner child is squealing right now.


John Friscia
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