Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

We weren’t exactly thrilled by Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission when it launched earlier this year. The console port of the popular Japanese card-collecting arcade game based on the Dragon Ball franchise was rife with issues. It certainly wasn’t devoid of content, though, and that wealth of content only grows larger with each free DLC update the game receives. Now, a fourth free update is set to launch for the game in early November, and we’ve got a trailer that shows off some of what you can expect in the free DLC pack.

Once you download the free patch for Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission and launch the game, you’ll be able to access a new set of a whopping 99 cards to build teams and go into battle with. These cards are themed around packs of new card sets that launched for the Japanese arcade version of the game recently. These include the “Universe Mission,” “God Mission,” “Shadow Dragon Mission,” and “Galaxy Mission” sets. On top of that, there are new special UR cards available based on the brand new characters introduced in the “Universe Mission 11” pack. The DLC update also includes new Extra Missions, 48 new character illustrations, and five special effects for Creation mode, new battle accessories, and even a new ability called “Blast Away Swing.”

Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission is available now on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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