Super Mario 3D All-Stars has allegedly leaked online already

super mario 3d all-stars leak

A Super Mario 3D All-Stars leak has allegedly already occurred online. While the game won’t officially be in our hands until this Friday, it seems as though some people have already been sharing the code. A well-known dataminer, OatmealDome, brought this information to light. So far, it looks like Nintendo is basically doing what retro enthusiasts have been doing for years, emulating the best Mario games on a handheld console.

As you can see, all three games are using an emulator designed around the platform they originally released on. Super Mario Galaxy is apparently the most uniquely implemented though. OatmealDome explained that Nintendo “recompiled the original code to run natively on the Switch CPU, but everything else (GPU/Audio) is running in the emulator.”

Recently the main menu for Super Mario 3D All-Stars was shared. According to OatmealDome discussing the Super Mario 3D All-Stars leak, the menu was built with LaunchPack, an engine used for Splatoon 2 and seen in Animal Crossing and Super Mario Maker.

Of course, if you’re worried about spoilers from the Super Mario 3D All-Stars leak, then you’ve obviously been avoiding these games for decades. With the game launching on Friday, I don’t think there’s much to panic about though. Most gamers have played at least one of the games in this bundle through to completion by now, and I don’t think anyone has any interest in showcasing the endings right now.


Jamie Sharp
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