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Super Mario 3D All-Stars retains a Super Mario 64 typo yet changes other dialogue

super mario 64 typo nintendo switch

You’d have thought that Nintendo would have fixed all the mistakes fans have picked up in the three games packaged into Super Mario 3D All-Stars. Well, you’re wrong. GameXplain has picked up at least one Super Mario 64 typo that’s still in the game. Oddly enough, Nintendo has altered text elsewhere in the game though.

The Super Mario 64 typo that’s still in the game 24 years after it first launched is in Yoshi’s dialogue. If you head up to the top of Princess Peach’s castle, you’ll find Yoshi waiting to be discovered. If you chat to him, he’ll say the following: “Mario!!! It that really you??? It has been so long since our last adventure!”

As you can see, Yoshi should say, “Is that really you???”

This typo is only notable because Nintendo has changed text elsewhere in the game. If you beat the final Bowser boss encounter with 120 Stars, then he’ll give you a new piece of dialogue. In the original release he says to “keep that control stick smokin’!” In the Super Mario 3D All-Stars version though, he says to “keep that L Stick smokin’!”

Nintendo 64 had one stick for controlling Mario in the middle of the controller, while the Switch has a left and right control stick. Someone must have thought it was paramount that they altered any text containing controls, but the mistakes of the past have become canon at this point. Maybe we just need to assume that Yoshi has a very poor grasp of the English language.


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