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On its eighth birthday, the Wii U, Nintendo’s short-lived, ill-fated successor to the Wii, still enjoys a fairly loyal fanbase that happily looks back on its days with the system. While games were often sparse, third-party support was practically non-existent, and the console’s creative facets such as the GamePad were hindered by the system’s low overall power, the Wii U still won many hearts in minds with the games that it did enjoy. At this point, many of us have had eight years to build up Wii U memories. If that applies to you, please let us know – what’s your favorite memory with the Wii U?

When I look back at the Wii U, I think about playing Super Mario 3D World with my girlfriend. It’s one of the first games we ever bonded over. Its appeal knowing no bounds, my girlfriend was immediately hooked on Super Mario 3D World despite an overall lack of experience with games, and I had a lot of fun showing her the ropes and getting a handle on the game for myself. I had a wonderful time sharing Super Mario 3D World with her and I look forward to doing so again on Switch.

What is your favorite Wii U memory? Is it playing with a specific person, trying to locate a hard-to-find title, or something else? Let us know in the comments.


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