Super Mario badminton set rackets

I didn’t play a lot of sports growing up. This was mostly due to my affinity for playing Nintendo games over being active outside. As such, badminton was probably the only sport I ever got into. So if these mini Super Mario badminton rackets (thanks, Japanese Nintendo) had come out when I was younger, I would have become a badminton champion for sure.

The Mario & Luigi themed rackets come by way of Ishikawa Toys

From Ishikawa Toys, this pair of Super Mario badminton rackets has been released in Japan and will put you back ¥1,628 (approximately $15). They come with a holder for the two shuttlecocks and a fancy zip-up sleeve that’s adorned with key art of the Super Mario Bros. themselves. Each of the badminton rackets is “mini-sized” so they can be optimally enjoyed by children. They are colored after the brothers and have their letters etched into the strings. The only thing missing is a net, which you’ll have to supply yourself.

Who knows? If this ends up being successful, then maybe the next Super Mario Bros. sports game will focus solely on badminton. Are you thinking about importing this Super Mario badminton set? Let us know in the comments.

In the meantime, did you hear of the possibility that at least two unannounced Wii U ports may soon be coming to the Switch?


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