Mario has been a jack of all trades, transforming himself into things like a bee, a human spring, a tanooki, a hammer bros., a boo; the list goes on and on.  In ‘super Mario Bros. Crossover\’, developer Exploding Rabbit decided to give his other NES cohorts a shot to see what its like being Mario.  The browser game took off like a rocket and became an instant favorite.  So, to celebrate the game’s third anniversary, the game is getting a facelift to version 3.0.

The game features iconic characters such as Mega Man, Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Bill from Contra, and others who can use their trademark moves to advance in the game.  Plus, they get the same kind of bonuses or extras they would normally get.  One interesting change is the transformation in landscape of each level, which is akin to another game called ‘super Mario Bros Special\’, in which the levels change due to the difficulty chosen when you play.  New skins were also added to the game from games like \’Castlevania\’ and ‘super Mario Bros. 2\’.

The game saw the light of day in part to Exploding Rabbit having raised $53,509 back in June 2012 through the Kickstarter program.  You can take a gander for yourself in the preview video below of what to expect in version 3.0 which is coming in May or June.

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[Source: Joystiq]


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