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We first covered fan game Super Mario Flashback from Turkish developer Mors last August because it was supposed to receive a new demo the following September. However, it quietly missed that target due to personal issues for the developer. Now, on April Fools’ Day of all days, Super Mario Flashback has received a genuine, not-a-joke new demo. I downloaded the game and played some to make sure!

Despite the developer tweet‘s claim that the demo contains the first two game worlds, what I’ve played of the demo is actually all randomly generated. (That part could theoretically be a joke? Either way, it is a playable game demo. [Update: That aspect is in fact the April Fools’ joke.]) That said, the visuals and music are beautiful and serene, and it’s a fun time-waster while we wait for more official Mario games from Nintendo. Mario has 3 health like in the 3D titles, and he can also do butt stomps and some other feats of agility borrowed from 3D. I would say that Mario turns around a little too slowly right now, and his invincibility frames after taking a hit are really brief. Otherwise, things are feeling pretty good for Super Mario Flashback so far.

There is no word when Mors and the Flashback Team will finish the title, but it’s a blessing whenever a Nintendo fan game survives long enough to even reach this point.

Meanwhile, rumors are intensifying that Nintendo will soon release collections of remastered 3D Super Mario titles.


John Friscia
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