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Super Mario Flashback is a Mario fan game that has been in development by Turkish developer Mors and his “Flashback team” since 2014. The project aims to remix some of the best aspects of both 2D and 3D Mario games to create a new experience. However, the most striking elements are probably the attractive pixel art and gorgeous tunes. And a fresh demo for the game is coming on Sept. 27, according to the game Twitter.

Check out the beautiful new intro for Super Mario Flashback, as well as a build of the game from last year.

I have a good guess of what you’re thinking right now: “Wow, that looks great! Too bad Nintendo is going to shut it down hard.” However, Mors isn’t worried about it, according to an interview with Engadget from last October:

According to Mors, there are two types of projects that attract Nintendo’s legal team: remakes, like AM2R and Super Mario 64 HD, and games that are sold for a fee or heavily linked to a creator’s Patreon. Mors thinks the latter is why Nintendo targeted so many projects on Game Jolt, a distribution site that allows indie developers to monetize their games. Flashback, meanwhile, is a remix rather than a remake, and won’t be charged for. “At first I was worried,” he said. “but to be honest, I’m not anymore.”

I certainly hope he’s right, and the fact that a highly visible publication like Engadget did a full feature on Super Mario Flashback without Nintendo dropping the axe is promising. Ideally, this game will go the way of the Mother 3 fan translation, where Nintendo quietly acknowledges its existence and does nothing to crush it like a paper cup.

Let us know if you’re intrigued for Super Mario Flashback. The development team has a website, though at the time of this writing technical difficulties have knocked it offline.


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