Super Mario Maker 2 glitch keeps you trapped in Warp Pipe forever

We just told you about how Breath of the Wild has a newly discovered infinite jump glitch. However, a less fun bug has been uncovered for Super Mario Maker 2. Nintendo World Report details a glitch that can keep you trapped in a Warp Pipe forever when using the Super Mario 3D World theme and the Cat Suit.

Triggering this Super Mario Maker 2 glitch (not that you would want to) requires Warp Boxes, a Warp Pipe, a standard Block, and that Cat Suit, all used in precise ways. The Warp Pipe goes immediately under the Warp Box that you teleport to. The Block must be placed directly next to the Warp Box but not above the pipe. With that set up, Cat Suit Mario needs to enter the first Warp Box. Then you must hold down, so that Mario immediately enters into the pipe when he comes out of the other Warp Box.

Mario (or presumably whoever else you play as) will be trapped in that Warp Pipe until the end of days. Indeed, even when the stage counter hits zero, Mario cannot die because the game does not recognize him as being there. You can’t just exit the level either (making it impossible to save progress, if you’re building a level). You simply exist in a trapped nightmare state… forever.

This existential crisis is brought to you by Super Mario Maker 2.


John Friscia
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