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Super Mario Maker is back and better than ever! Nintendo recently announced that this Wii U gem is getting a sequel on Switch, and today we got a lot more details. A special Nintendo Direct presentation devoted entirely to Super Mario Maker 2 revealed new themes, music, enemies, and more. One of the most exciting reveals is the new Story Mode.

In Story Mode, Peach’s castle is in rough shape. Mario is recruited to help fix it up, but it won’t be cheap! Take on challenges and complete courses to unlock coins, then spend those coins to rebuild the castle. As you spend, you’ll unlock new areas in the castle. You’ll also meet new characters and unlock new levels as you go.

Nintendo has crafted over 100 levels for Story Mode, so it’s practically a full Mario game! Playing through all these scenarios should provide hopeful designers a good, long look at Nintendo-crafted levels, which they can then turn around and employ in their own creations.

You can look forward to Super Mario Maker 2 when it launches on June 28. Will you be joining in on the fun? Are you looking forward to the new Story Mode? We hope to see you there!


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