2 million Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker was a dream come true on Wii U. For the first time, Nintendo players could create, enjoy, and share their own custom Mario levels. The game sold well enough, but Wii U’s small install base limited its potential. Nintendo later ported it to 3DS, and it enjoyed solid sales again. Because of this, Nintendo believed there would be an audience for a Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch. Now that it’s out, we can confirm that’s a huge understatement!

Super Mario Maker 2 races past 2 million sales

Nintendo just released its quarterly earnings report, revealing sales data for the first quarter of the fiscal year. For those not savvy to Nintendo’s schedule, that’s April 1 – June 30, 2019. As usual, Nintendo highlighted some of their top-selling games for the quarter, and Super Mario Maker 2 led the pack. The level-building game sold 2.42 million copies during the past quarter. That’s impressive by itself, but when you consider the timing, it’s incredible! Since it launched on June 28, Nintendo is only including its first three days of sales in that figure. That’s a hell of a hot start!

Let’s put that hot start in perspective. A quick look at a past Nintendo report shows that the first game sold 1.88 million copies in its first three weeks. Super Mario Maker 2 beat that in three days. Meanwhile, the 3DS port also fell short of 2 million in its first month on the market. The sequel is easily crushing those numbers. If it can sell another 1.6 million copies, it will pass up the Wii U version in lifetime sales. Does it have the momentum to get there?


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