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Super Mario Maker 2 launches next month on Nintendo Switch, and we couldn’t be more excited! The sequel to the popular Wii U game brings all the fun of the original and adds lots of new content. The original let players build stages in four different game styles, but 2 doesn’t stop there.

Nintendo previously confirmed a fifth game style for the sequel. Players can build with the Super Mario 3D World assets. However, this style is so different from the others that you can’t convert it. Normally you can toggle between styles with the press of a button, but 3D World stages have to remain as such.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, they appeared to confirm a sixth game style. When showing off all the different options, the menu reveals a suspicious-looking blank space. What could be missing?

Is Super Mario Bros. 2 making a comeback?

super mario maker 2 super mario bros. 2The mystery game style is located right next to the 3D World style in a section labeled “Extra Styles.” It’s separate from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U.  This suggests that, like 3D World, this new style can’t be converted.

Although we can’t say for sure, it would make a lot of sense for this mystery style to be Super Mario Bros. 2. This NES classic is drastically different from the rest of the series because it didn’t begin life as a Mario game. What Westerners known as Mario 2 is actually an edited version of the Japanese game Doki Doki Panic. It contains many unique assets, so it’s a perfect fit beside 3D World.

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  1. It looks to me like they just didn’t center the 3D World icon. It doesn’t look like anything is blurred out.

    Maybe it’s a placeholder for future DLC?

    1. There’s exactly enough space for another world. It could be DLC, but in the last game you unlocked more styles as you played. No DLC required.

    2. And given that it says “Extra Styles,” plural, it’s not a case of being off-center. There’s something missing for sure.

  2. Maybe it’s for the Galaxy or Sunshine styles?

  3. I really hope it’s for Mario 2

  4. I would love it to be Mario 64, with all the jumps, metal cap, vanish cap, good music, etc… would enable many new level ideas!

  5. Super Mario 2 would be the obvious style thats not compatible with the others. Plus its Super Mario maker 2. The perfect time to have it.

  6. On look. No sixth style. You were wrong

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