Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 producer Takashi Tezuka confirmed today that the developers are working to add online multiplayer with friends to the game. Tezuka announced the news during the Super Mario Maker 2 segment on Nintendo Treehouse Live.

This newly announced mode will not be available when the game first launches on June 28, unfortunately. However, a later update will allow players to join their friends for online cooperative play. Nintendo recognized Tezuka’s announcement with a tweet encouraging viewers to stay tuned for further information.

Fans will be excited to hear about this new feature of Super Mario Maker 2, allowing them to play online with friends. Previously, Nintendo announced that online co-op would only be playable with random users online. Friends would not be able to make online lobbies to play with one another. Play with friends was only going to possible via local wireless.

Nintendo justified their initial decision in light of the game’s competitive rankings board. They claimed that it would compromise competitive play if Mario Maker players could play online with their friends in a co-op mode. However, this news was met with a great deal of backlash from fans of the series.

Today’s new announcement shows that Nintendo is willing to undo a previous decision for the sake of pleasing the fans. And one thing is for sure: Super Mario Maker 2 fans are pleased to know that they will be able to play the game with friends all over the world.


Dylan Tate
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