super mario odyssey

The Switch has a spectacular library full of future classics. There are plenty of fantastic titles that you could pick as your favorite, but none of them are perfect. So, take a minute and think about your favorite Switch game, and now tell me this: what is your least favorite thing about that title?

Super Mario Odyssey is my favorite Switch game, and my least favorite thing about it is the lack of difficulty through most of the early game. Its brilliant mechanics and exciting worlds are just a little bit dampened by how little effort you have to put in to grab most Moons. By the time you’ve reached the endgame, where many of the Moons are considerably harder (and considerably more fun) to acquire, you might already be ready to move on from the game. At the end of the day, Super Mario Odyssey is a gloriously enjoyable experience that should have ramped up the difficulty a bit faster. I used to hope for some punishing DLC, but now, I’ve placed all of those eggs in the sequel basket. If we ever do get Super Mario Odyssey 2, I certainly hope that it takes a page out of Super Mario Galaxy 2‘s book and gets challenging right away.

What is your favorite Switch game, and what is your least favorite thing about it? Why? Let us know in the comments below.

Andrew Rockett
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