Super Mario Odyssey Luncheon Kingdom

Super Mario Odyssey is one of the best titles in one of gaming’s marquee franchises. The game’s tight controls, open exploration, and dozens of hours of rewarding challenges all somehow felt like a resurgence for a series that never even truly strayed in the first place. A major part of what makes Odyssey so great is its wide variety of colorful, expansive kingdoms, each bursting with personality. Today, I am asking you all: which of these kingdoms was your favorite? Was it the Wooded Kingdom with its catchy soundtrack, the Seaside Kingdom with its underwater exploration, the low-gravity fun of the Moon Kingdom, or something else entirely?

Personally, the Luncheon Kingdom immediately comes to mind as my favorite. The bright color palette, quirky population, polygonal environment, and amazingly fun captures all perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Super Mario Odyssey and what makes it one of Nintendo’s best games ever.

There are, of course, so many other choices, and basically no wrong answers. Which stood out the most to you? Super Mario Odyssey is propped up by its excellent world design, and the scattered moons and purple coins hidden in every corner make exploring and learning its kingdoms one of the most delightful experiences across the entire medium.

Andrew Rockett
Reviews Editor at Nintendo Enthusiast. I am a major fan of all consoles and eras. Follow me on Twitter @habitablestorm3 to watch me tweet about the many old games I love to spend time with.

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