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Super Mario Odyssey wall clip glitch discovered by speedrunner

Super Mario Odyssey wall clip glitch-nintendo-switch

Speedrunners are making new discoveries all the time. Regardless of a game’s age, there’s normally still a better way to run it as fast as possible than the current world record holder did. A new Super Mario Odyssey wall clip glitch is proof of this. The new glitch will allow for around 8 seconds to be saved on 100% runs of the game in the future, opening up the possibility for entirely new routes.

The Super Mario Odyssey wall clip glitch was discovered by Xdxboxjaja, who posted the below video of their discovery on YouTube. The glitch allows anyone to grab the 18th Moon in the Snow Kingdom, “Ice-dodging Goomba Stack,” without needing to create a Goomba Stack and solve the puzzle properly.

This new strategy will come into play in the game’s Any% run category, which simply requires a speedrunner to finish the game as quickly as possible. But the real benefit will be for those running the 100% category, for which a runner needs to collect every Moon in the game, as well as a number of other collectibles.

The current official fastest time for completing Super Mario Odyssey in the Any% category is 58:11. The fastest official 100% run for the game is currently 8:56:32, with amazingly just one minute and one second separating the top two runs. This new strategy will shave at least a few seconds off of runners’ times in the future, and it’s only a matter of time before we see them at a Games Done Quick event.


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