Super Mario Party River Survival

Nintendo of Europe has uploaded a video showcasing the upcoming Switch title Super Mario Party. During the demonstration, some details dropped about the game’s new mode: River Survival. Because “Mario Party River Survival” just sounds like a thing that should exist.

A couple of things to note that are an immediate threat to your friendships and/or marriage:

  • Players are in the same boat paddling towards the goal and must perform strokes in unison.
  • Everyone must cooperate in order to be victorious, which has a five percent chance of actually happening.
  • There is a timer on screen counting down that will end the game if it reaches zero before the party gets to the finish, leading to countless arguments.
  • The only way to add seconds to the clock is by hitting balloons that trigger co-op mini-games that must be won collectively, adding significant stress.
  • Different paths appear on the river; deciding which way to go in a matter of seconds among multiple people will undoubtedly go well.
  • Cheep Cheep will show up and must be avoided at all costs, meaning at least one person is going to drive right into him.

Super Mario Party will launch October 5, 2018. Hold your loved ones close until then, because there is a huge chance you will lose them after that date.

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Arthur Damian
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