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Multiple sources corroborated on a giant Mario rumor today, alleging that, in celebration of the most famous mascot in gaming turning thirty-five, a majority of his games will end up ported to Switch this year. We heard specifics, but in addition to that, whispers and rumblings of new content, at least one new game, and more. Read on for a quick round-up of the day’s rumors, and remember that they are exactly that – rumors. This is all coming from numerous separate sources, but until Nintendo says something, they’re just rumors.


  • A majority of past Mario games will drop on Switch this year. Whether that’s limited to mainline Super Mario games or will include subseries such as Mario Kart is yet to be seen, but the latter option seems borderline impossible.
  • Super Mario Galaxy is being prepped for a remaster.
  • A Super Mario 3D World deluxe port with new levels.
  • Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine remasters are apparently on the way.

This list seems outlandish, but it lines up with what consistent leaker Emily Rogers said earlier this year: it’s a “good year to be a plumber” and an “INSANE” year on Switch for remasters, remakes, and deluxe ports.

Several new games, including Paper Mario

Piling onto separate rumors that have floated around since earlier this year, a brand new Paper Mario game is set to come out this year. The title will apparently be more true to form for the series, hopefully harkening back to older games like Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

In addition to a papery return, several other “new” Mario games are apparently slated for this year. None were named, but if I had to bet, I’d put my money on Mario + Rabbids 2 and my hopes on Super Mario Odyssey 2.

Themeparks and a movie

In a planned 35th-anniversary event for the popular plumber, Nintendo evidently plans to reveal more information about the Super Mario movie and their Super Nintendo World theme parks.

What’s that about an event?

Nintendo initially wanted to drop all of this as one giant Super Mario Bob-omb at E3 in June, but with that event’s cancellation, it’s now up to them how they’ll go about unveiling everything. Nintendo could still save everything for June, especially since they probably planned on just announcing all of this in a Direct anyway, but with everyone at home and bored out of their minds for the next few weeks at least, perhaps they’ll decide to refocus and drop their earliest Mario offerings right away.

Today’s rumors are insane, to say the least. We’re looking at a lot of Mario games on Switch this year, new and old, should it turn out to be true. It all sounds great, but I’m just excited to finally play Super Mario Sunshine on the go. What about you? Are you buying these rumors? What release are you most excited for?

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