Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball Switch

Super Monkey Ball fans like myself have been in a bit of a dark age. The series fell by the wayside after Super Monkey Ball 2 released 17 years ago and has not even seen a main release since the slid but ill-fated Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz on Vita in 2012. We’ve been left with no options outside of replaying the original games and hoping for indie titles like Rolled Out. With any luck, that’ll be changing soon: following up rumblings from new trademarks, a Super Monkey Ball Switch game titled Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball has been rated in Taiwan. “Tabegoro” can be translated to phrases such as “in season” and “good to eat.”

An announcement for Super Monkey Ball Switch seems to be coming soon. Whether or not it will be any good is, of course, a different story. I have written before on how the series desperately needs to return to its roots. After SEGA released the masterpiece Super Monkey Ball 2, they spent the ensuing decade churning out one gimmick-laden game after another, neglecting the second game’s already-perfected formula. Another decade has nearly passed since the series went MIA, so hopefully, SEGA has thought long and hard about the direction they want to take Tabegoro! Super Monkey Ball. I have so little faith in the path the series has taken that I absolutely will not complain if this ends up just being a remaster of the first two games. Although, I also cannot deny having the slightest hint of excitement about a potential a new game…


Andrew Rockett
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