Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is opening up in Japan on February 4, 2021, a bit faster than we expected. The news comes alongside a few early impressions of the park and a particularly exciting ride: the AR Mario Kart ride, Koopa’s Challenge. I already wrote a bit about the specifics of the ride last night, but a recently released video from Kurumi Mori provides some additional visual context for the ride. Check it out in the tweet embedded below.

As covered in my article from last night, Koopa’s Challenge seems like a pretty advanced, competitive ride for families to enjoy at Super Nintendo World. The glimpses we got of the ride in the video above are very impressive – Koopa’s Challenge looks like a real, bona fide Mario Kart track. AR and competition between two karts should be a cherry on top in bringing the experience to life. In the video, Mori mentions that construction on the ride apparently began six years ago. That seems like a very long time, but just from the short look we got, I believe it. Koopa’s Challenge looks like a ton of work went into it.

Are you interested in checking out Super Nintendo World? Do you think Koopa’s Challenge looks like a good time? Let us know in the comments below.

Andrew Rockett
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