Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World in Japan is set to open a month earlier than the previously announced Spring 2021 date. Fans will be able to attend the park beginning on February 4, 2021. Sweetening the news is the fact that, thanks to several tweets from Universal and members of the Japanese media, we’ve now got a great view of what Super Nintendo World looks like, and we’ve got our first glimpses at a Mario Kart ride that uses augmented reality technology. Check out Universal’s tweet below for park photos, and then check out this thread from Kurumi Mori for plenty of info on the Mario Kart ride (or just read on).

So, Super Nintendo World is looking great. Our first in-depth look at the Mario Kart ride makes that look pretty exciting too. An informative tweet thread from Kurumi Mori gave us plenty of info on what the ride entails, but I’ll summarize its contents for you. The ride is called Koopa’s Challenge and is located within Bowser’s Castle. It uses AR headsets, and even though it is on rails, riders (up to four to a kart) are given “some control” in steering, and also have the ability to collect items and “throw shells” at other karts. Featuring two side-by-side tracks, it seems that some sort of head-to-head component may factor into the ride – after all, Universal stated that each ride will be a unique experience and that racers are not guaranteed to win. Simply put, Koopa’s Challenge seems like an awesome family ride for Super Nintendo World.

What do you think? Are you excited for Super Nintendo World to make its mark when it opens on February 4? How badly do you want to attend and try out Koopa’s Challenge? Let us know what you think of the new opening date, the park pictures, and Koopa’s Challenge in the comment section below.

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