Super Nintendo World park concept model seemingly leaked

Super Nintendo World is the extremely anticipated upcoming amusement park at Universal Studios Japan, intended to launch in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Pretty much every gamer on Earth is hyped for this, and especially hyped for the possibility of it spreading to other Universal parks around the world. However, no one is entirely sure how it will look, and rumors and alleged plans have come and gone. We can now add one more piece to the rumor puzzle: A Super Nintendo World park concept model built in 2016 has allegedly been uncovered.

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These images come from The Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast Facebook. Considering the model is 3ish years old, the park is likely to have undergone some fundamental changes since then. Gosh, that Mario Kart Bowser castle looks pretty spectacular though. There is nothing not to love about Super Nintendo World aside from the fact that it isn’t sitting in our backyard.

We dreamed up some ideas of what we would like to see at the park last year, but they’re just fun suggestions. The reality is we’ll pretty much take whatever Nintendo and Universal graciously give us. Let us know what you think of the Super Nintendo World concept model in the comments.


John Friscia
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