Super Nintendo World Direct interactive website

We’re about a month out from the Super Nintendo World grand opening in Osaka at Universal Studios Japan, and by “we,” we mean you lucky sods in Japan. Universal Studios Japan has launched an interactive website, letting us all explore Super Nintendo World from the comfort of our own homes. Yes, it’s not quite the real thing, but the site sweeps and zooms around the park as you scroll through it. It also contains sections dedicated to each element of the park, revealing some new info in English.

The merchandise and shops area of the site shows a bit more of what you can pick up when visiting the park. There’s a range of plush toys, T-shirts, and dress-up items, and I’m particularly fond of the cushion set shown off here. Sure, we’ve got to figure out how to get there first, but we’ll also need a full wallet on arrival by the looks of things.

Super Nintendo World website

The food looks damn good too. Chef Toad will be treating us to the likes of Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger, a Super Mushroom Pizza Bowl, and even a Question Block Tiramisu. There are pictures and descriptions of all of these creations in the food and restaurants area, and it’s definitely worth a look.

We wholeheartedly recommend checking out the rest of the Super Nintendo World website. Just be ready to sit here in envy as we wait for 2021 to progress and for Japan to feel reachable once again.


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