Get ready to turn up your speakers loud, bash, crash, pummel, and pile drive your friends because there is an awesome Super Smash Bros. album brawling its way through the crowd and into your ears.  A group known as the Shinesparkers put out a Metroid fan album a while back called \”Harmony of a Hunter\” which sold very well and now they are working on their newest project–Smash Bros.

Nintendo Insider says the group is already focusing on tunes from Super Mario, the Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Kirby, Metroid and Pokemon and they are going to approach them in an entirely new fashion and make them into something \”mind-melting\”.

The album which is going to be titled \”Harmony of Heroes\” will release as a free digital download sometime in 2014.

Are you a big Super Smash Bros. fan? Will you download this when it releases next year? Leave your comments here on Nintendo Enthusiast.

[Source: NintendoInsider]


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