Super Smash Bros. Deku My Hero Academia mod

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has the biggest roster in franchise history, and it’s not close. The Switch title brought back every past playable character and added newcomers as well. Even more fighters are on the way as DLC. However, some fans still aren’t fully satisfied. There’s always room for more characters, and that’s where the modding community comes in. In the past we’ve reported on mods that added Shaggy and Master Chief to Smash. The latest fan effort brings an anime favorite to the fight. Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia, better known as Deku, is now playable with mods!

Super Smash Bros. mod adds Deku

Making Deku

Deku is the star of the hit manga/anime My Hero Academia. In a world where nearly everyone has superpowers, Deku is born without. However, after impressing top hero All Might with his heroic qualities, young Midoriya is granted an incredible power called One For All. With this new ability super-charging his punches, Midoriya aims to become history’s greatest hero!

Like a lot of Smash mods, Deku does not yet have a unique move set. Currently, he’s based on Little Mac. He’s sporting an entirely new look, but his attacks all belong to the boxer. This is actually a pretty decent fit, as Midoriya relies heavily on punches early on in the manga and anime. However, he can also launch wind-based projectile attacks by flicking his fingers. Eventually, he switches his style up and begins focusing more on kicking attacks.

If a modder wanted to give him a totally unique move set in Smash, they’d have plenty to work with. Until then, he still looks great as is. You can try him out yourself by checking out the Patreon of the mod’s creator, DemonslayerX8.

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  1. A’ight. These character reskins always seemed a little tacky IMO. I don’t know what Little Mac’s moveset has to do with Deku, and having one move and sound exactly like the other is always… meh. I guess they chose Mac because he doesn’t talk a lot.
    There’s a fairly popular Mii fighter designed to look exactly like Deku, which players can download to use in their game for free. Also All Might, little All Might, and that frog girl who is the best character despite the fact that I can’t remember her name.

    1. Tsu, is the frog girl’s name. Hero name Froppy.

      1. That’s the one. Haven’t watched it in a while.

      2. Her full name is Tsuys Asui. Her friends call her Tsu. 🙂

    2. how is it tacky when the person didnt take any shortcuts in making the model? also the reason he chose little mac is because he has a good about of charged punch attack similar to detroit smash

      1. Because they have very little in common. Little Mac moves absolutely nothing like Deku and it’s clear whenever playing the game that it’s just Little Mac with a skin change. ‘They both punch hard’ doesn’t really amount to anything when half the cast punch hard and Deku isn’t limited to punches.
        I’m sure it takes effort to create such a model as a reskin. But unless there’s a particular reason why you’d want the modelled character to move like the character for which you’re making the skin, I don’t get why people go to such effort rather than just making a Mii fighter.
        Obviously some characters don’t lend themselves very well to being recreated as a Mii, but that isn’t the case here.

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