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It has been a crazy two weeks since the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game is a success, to say the least. And millions of fans have been working their way through World of Light, the single player campaign. This mode is where you’ll be introduced to the trophy/sticker replacement, called spirits. These high-quality renders are the “leveling” system in World of Light. The system is a flawed but welcome addition to the franchise. And with each spirit comes a different buff or modifier.

But because it’s Smash and Sakurai “needs” to pack it to the brim with content, there is an insane amount of spirits. So, it can be a bit confusing as to what abilities are the “best.” Well, that’s where I come in.

Of course, there are over 70 different characters to play as and everyone has a different style, so mileage will vary. These picks are a combination of what worked best for me.

1. Special Move Power – Slightly increases the power of all special moves

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
These are absurdly good, but a bit hard to come by early on in WoL. Though there are some characters this wouldn’t be the best choice for, like Bayonetta or Mario for example, since they don’t try to KO with their specials all too often. But for someone like me who uses Captain Falcon, Ganondorf, and Incineroar, look out. I was able to KO chumps on hard difficulty for most of the board with just Incineroar’s neutral special. But again, you can’t get these spirits until a bit later in WoL, so keep an eye out for them in the shops or on the Spirit Board.

2. Additional Midair Jump – Increases number of mid-air jumps by one

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
I actually tried to avoid any spirits that changed mechanics in WoL. Frankly, using them innately teaches you some bad habits for when you play online or with friends. One of the worst would be becoming accustomed to a third jump. However, it is still incredibly useful in WoL, especially for characters with poor recovery like the Belmonts, Fire Emblem kids, or Little Mac. So if you’re okay with the possibility of three jumps becoming muscle memory, then by all means use this. In a game where the entire objective is to avoid going off screen, having an extra jump is obviously pretty overpowered.

3. Fast Final Smash Meter – Increases FS meter charging speed

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
I’d bet a big old chunk of money that a majority of Smash fans kept the Ashley spirit on for a majority of WoL. Honestly, you can grab this spirit pretty early on, since she’s right on the path to the Temple of Light. Her ability isn’t kidding around either; it charges your FS meter real dang fast. For the harder spirit battles, it’s a life saver considering that Final Smashes are huge chunks of often unavoidable damage. Plus, they KO at low percentages. So it can get rid of an annoyingly difficult CPU in no time.

4. Critical Health Healing – Recovers a great deal of health when a certain amount of damage is taken

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
It really feels like you rack up damage absurdly quickly in Hard Mode, so this spirit will act as a bit of a safety net. When that level 9 CPU is comboing you from here until next Tuesday, at least you get a Band-Aid. But if that doesn’t float your boat, there are actually a variety of healer-based spirits, each with a unique method of healing. Frankly, these spirits let you brute force your way through all the bosses in WoL as well as some of the confusing challenges where you’ll face multiple difficult enemies at once.

5. Slow Super Armor – Makes it more difficult to flinch or be launched, but move speed decreases

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
This is by far my favorite spirit for World of Light. It’s a sure-fire way to blast past the story mode if you’re just trying to race through. Throw this bad boy on any of the heavier characters like Bowser, Incineroar, or Ganondorf and just stick to smash attacks. No one can stop you since they’ll all be flying soon anyway. This spirit basically gives you power armor on all your attacks. Sure, you move like a turtle and rack up damage insanely quickly, but it’s worth it. I gotta say, on Little Mac with this and two fist attack spirits, I was sending them flying with a single punch.

But at the end of the day, you’re the one playing WoL, so use whatever spirits work best for you. I personally think that these five will make the more annoying battles easier, and the easier ones even faster.

What about you? What is the one spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate you can’t justify taking off your team? Do you think any of them straight up break the game? Let us know in the comments down below.

Jacob Buchalter
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