If you’ve read my first article in this series on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you’ll know that I’m not complaining or saying these powerful characters should be nerfed. Rather, I’m pointing out the great tools at their fighting disposal. Chrom, in comparison to the rest of the Fire Emblem cast, is frankly just absurd. His smashes and tilts are fast, efficient, and great for combos. Plus, for the power they pack, they shouldn’t be so quick.

Now, we can’t really compare him to Robin or Corrin; they play too differently. But Roy, the FE character that has topped tier-lists in the past, is a worse version of him in a multitude of ways. Except for maybe Roy’s recovery, but even that is a minimal difference.

Boring, yet powerful specials

Chrom has Ike’s Up Special, but better. Its horizontal recovery is lacking but otherwise, it’s purely terrifying. If you try to punish Chrom off the ledge, it is incredibly scary purely because of this up special.

Chrom can easily bring you down with him using it. And, if he is directly above the edge, he can spike you down, while he stays safe. His other specials are pretty standard for an FE character, repeated slashes, explosive slam, and a counter.

The elite Fire Emblem character

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Chrom Fire Emblem Roy Marth

Otherwise, Chrom is just a combination of the best parts of Marth, Roy and Ike. No tip or hilt based damage like Marth and Roy, he hits like a truck at any range. But unlike Ike, he is fast. Very, very fast.

People were begging for Chrom in SSB4 and they probably couldn’t be happier considering just how powerful he is in SSBU. If you’re trying to play for glory, there is no better sword character.

What do you think? Is Marth more optimal since he is a bit more technical? What sword character do you wish was better? Let me know down below!

Jacob Buchalter
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