crash bandicoot Super Smash Bros

With Sephiroth descending into the fray, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate only has three more fighters prepped to join its roster. After spending the last few years watching the massive list of fighters grow and grow and grow ever since the game’s initial reveal in 2018, it’s kind of crazy that we’re down to the last three DLC characters. If you were given full creative control, who would you add for the final three Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters?

While I’m beyond satisfied with the roster as it is, there are three characters I’d absolutely love to see join before Sakurai closes the door on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighting family: Paper Mario, Phoenix Wright, and Crash Bandicoot. All of these picks present an opportunity for a vibrant, unique, and venerated addition to what is already the greatest roster in the fighting game genre. I don’t expect to see any of these, except maybe Crash, but here’s hoping, anyway.

What three characters would you like to see join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the last trio of DLC spots? Why? Do you think there’s a chance of your picks coming to fruition? Let us know in the comments below.

Andrew Rockett
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