newcomer tournament Smash Ultimate

After three wonderful years, the journey is finally over for Super Smash Bros Ultimate (likely much to the relief of Masahiro Sakurai). The game is definitely an ambitious crossover title, featuring characters from all sorts of iconic franchises. We have been reacting to fighter reveals since 2018, resulting in the explosion of the internet, multiple times may I add. To celebrate the end of the announcement cycle, the next online tournament for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will feature every single newcomer. This will include Inkling all the way up to the recently released Sora, which is a fantastic way to wrap things up. At the moment, we’re unsure if this will be the last online tournament; however, we hope that Nintendo continues to support Smash Ultimate with in-game events like this newcomer one.

This is well and truly the “Ultimate” online tournament, featuring 23 characters including Echo Fighters. Expect to see the likes of King K. Rool, Steve, Banjo-Kazooie, and my personal favorite, Pyra and Mythra. If one of these characters is your main, then expect to have a ton of fun when the newcomer tournament kicks off in Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Friday, October 29. The past few online tournaments have been excellent, but this one seems like a real celebration of the game’s many accomplishments.

The newcomer tournament for Super Smash Bros Ultimate begins on Friday. What was your favorite character reveal for Smash Ultimate?


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